Saturday, May 22, 2004

Randi Rhodes on 620 KPOJ

Here in Portland, conservative talk radio has pretty much dominated the AM band, until most recently. The arrival of 620 KPOJ is, quite frankly, a welcome breath of fresh air to a stale radio market.

Most of the programming is well done and as informative as it is entertaining. Clearly, Randi Rhodes is the star. Her honest brand of talk brings a new light to the issues of the day. Relevant, factual commentary backed up with solid facts and obvious radio talent make for an addicitive commute home. You can hear her show here in Portland from 3PM to 7PM every weekday.

Tired of the same bland fare? Give this show a try --it will grow on you.

Can liberal talk radio survive in what has traditionally been a conservative dominated market? God, I hope so, because I am pretty sure I cannot go back now. Randi, you are fantastic and you know it, of course! Thanks for being here in Portland!

KPOJ AM 620 is owned and operated by Clear Channel communications. (If I happen to be wrong on this, don't sue me, just let me know to make the change! --Thanks!)Randi Rhodes, along with others are carried by the Air America Radio Network with additional content from the Jones Radio Network.


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CONSERVATIVE= Aman who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run

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