Sunday, June 13, 2004


Almost did not post this, but then decided to post boldly anyway after writing to a friend. I spent the afternoon reading a good portion of "the Starchild Trilogy" by Fredrick Pohl and Jack Williamson and was intrigued by the concept of 'mechanise' --a high thoughput mode of expression between human and machine. Interestingly, the authors define the upper limit for human communication to be about 58Kbps!

This lead me to consider language for a moment. For what it is worth, here are my thoughts on the core nature of it:

--- We look for patterns, or better differences. This is a core element of our sentient nature. Without this key skill, we would lack the ability to deduce.

--- If something is irregular, we know there is meaning in the changes. Noise happens when we are either beneath the meaning, or there really is none.

--- Language is the expression of meanings learned done in a way that is more easily differentiated from noise....

Ever wonder at the curious look you get from a dog you are whistling to? They know it's not noise, but remain beneath the meaning --or more likely they lack the common meanings necessary for a connection. This suggests a grey area between noise and meaning. I believe this grey
area is due to a lack of commonalities in experience necessary for bidirectional expression.

Not sure what to make of that just yet, but thought it just might interest somebody. Thoughts, corrections, laughter, additions? Post away, I am all ears!


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