Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Watched the Out Foxed DVD today

Man, what an eye opener. It is scary how much power media consolidation puts in the hands of a few.

I don't have much to say on this, other than to say get a copy of this DVD and watch it. Better, save your money and simply broaden your news sources. Seek out other opinion. While you are doing that, consider just how many sources use the exact same language. Wonder why we don't have as much real reporting today. Ask yourself where the line between commentary and news begins and ends. Hard? It shouldn't be. It wasn't 10 years ago. What then has changed?

Political news today is being handled like press releases for new product rollouts. Bullet points, daily memos and such all designed to keep everybody on message. Where does this stuff come from? The few media companies who control most of the media you have access to today.

Sorry for the foul language, but since when is America a fucking business? Why doesn't our government, which is supposed to be 'for the people', deal with this? Since when do we elect leaders who then take money from companies to protect their interests, but not our own?

Every time you hear 'privatize', 'outsource', or 'free market' take a hard look at which big company benefits from the item in question. Ask yourself what incentive said company has to act in your interests?

The answers to those questions pose a strong, sane and reasonable justification for a movement to establish a seperation of government and business like the one we (are supposed to ) have between church and state.

Folks, we are reaching a point where the rights of corporations trump those of real people; namely you and me. Our government, through business, can circumvent our system of checks and balances, side step the Constitution and do what it wants UNCHECKED. This is wrong and needs to stop.

What does this have to do with FOX? An uneducated population, only able to hear what benefits the powers that be, is a population already defeated in the constant struggle for their own freedom.


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