Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Why doesn't John Kerry Push Harder on the Electronic Voting Issue?

If anything is going to go wrong with the Kerry Edwards campaign, it will be the issue of the vote. I can understand the GOP keeping the issue quiet. They are the problem; they benefit from a sloppy vote; they started this whole thing in 2000 with a manupulated election
against Gore.

What do the Democrats have to gain by keeping this issue low key? We have seen enough problems (that favor the GOP, BTW) to know where things stand. Why not bring the trust issue into the mix along with everything else?

The Kerry Edwards ticket should be a no brainer with all that is happening right now, but that is no reason to rest idle. We cannot risk another 4 years like the ones we have just been through. The current administration will do anything to win, we all know this.

Why not push hard and keep pushing? Bringing the problems with electronic voting into sharper focus is a bigger part of that than it seems.

I just don't understand the inaction, somebody please explain this to me...

UPDATE: It appears he is doing just that. The Kerry camp is prepping a team of lawyers in every state to handle the election. It is scary that this has to happen, but perhaps there is also hope that it is happening as well. Remember it is the counting of votes that makes the decision, not the casting of votes. Those who count are growing increasingly corrupt...


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