Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mandrate Schmandate...

For the last week or so we have seen literally hundreds of mainstream media reports, all saying essentially the same thing:

The Dems got it wrong and that if we want to move forward we are going to have to reconsider our position on Moral Values.

Honestly, that's bullshit, horseshit and cowshit, and it is clearly time for Democrats to begin speaking up, not cowering down.

But wait you say, "There is a Mandate! President Bush won the election, despite an all out Democratic effort to prevail!" So, you think the voters have spoken 'eh? Before all you Liberal leaning people get too far along in your 'reconsideration' efforts, lets take a moment and critically reconsider the thrust of the message we are hearing today, shall we?

Mandate, schmandate!

I'm afraid I just don't see a clear mandate coming from the, uncertified and unfinished election results. The current record shows a Bush win in both the popular and projected win in the electorial vote. Mind you, the electorial vote is far from being decided just yet --more on that below. That leaves us with the popular vote. Looking at the numbers, we see the nation roughly divided 50/50 with advantage, at this moment, going to Bush. Before I go on, let me make myself clear on the matter of the vote. Bush will retain his advantage in the popular vote going forward, regardless of how various recount and fraud investigation efforts pan out.

This is not a Mandate by any measure folks. A sitting president, who has to resort to every trick in the book, in order to retain his seat of power does not earn a mandate from those successful efforts. No matter how you slice it, about half this country is mighty unhappy with the direction things are going. Mandate means a decisive victory with a clear path forward as a result. The results of this election simply don't stand up to that by any reasonable measure.

Essentially, we have a few million more people voting to move things in the Conservative direction, compared to those Progressive minded people. Keep in mind, both sides posted record voting numbers, and we are told this makes for a clear mandate? I don't buy it and neither should you.

Lets take another look at the electorial projections with an eye toward this mandate we keep hearing about. This year, Ohio seems to be the key state. The current projections, based again off of uncertified election returns, show our sitting president, George Bush, winning by somewhere around 130,000 votes! Mandate? How can you have a mandate when we have pretty serious, and almost un-reported, questions about the returns in Ohio?

Think about it. All we hear is mandate and war, mandate and war, yet evidence continues to mount for a failed election! Evidence that, so far, has gone virtually unreported in the mainstream media. Could it be that powerful media interests want a mandate, so they report one? Given the lack of investigative journalism we are seeing these days, the idea has more merit than one would think at first glance.

Look around. Half of those folks you see agree with you! How can there be a fucking mandate when roughly 5 out of every 10 people see things the same way you see them? It doesn't make any sense, unless you buy what the mainstream media is selling does it? Go ahead and say it: Mandate, schmandate! Feels good doesn't it! Damn straight!

Power in numbers

Time to reconsider your position? Absolutely, but not in the way they want you to.

Begin by seeking out those like minded people around you. Given the numbers, they are not exactly hard to find nor are they in the minority. Talk with one another, share news and information that will add to the Liberal cause, not break it down into something less. Exchange e-mails, websites and other things. Know there are others to talk to and that you are most certainly not alone.

When talking to conservative people, hold your ground. Let them know at least half the country is on your side. Finding middle ground means exactly that, not deciding the other side is right.

Limit your mainstream media consumption for a while. Remember, they are not a neutral party in this. The large media companies stand to benefit from the current administration a lot more than you and I will. This does not mean grabbing your tin foil hat, but it does mean looking at the news you see with a critical eye toward the truth.

There are more of us than there are of them and we are not alone, it just seems that way right now because of what we are being told, not because it is the truth.

Personally, I've had enough, haven't you? Why stop now? There is nothing to be gained by giving in is there? Do you honestly believe the messages of unity we are hearing mean an honest give and take? Has the last 4 years given you any reason to believe it will be different during this next 4 years?

The Democratic message is a good message. It is a message just as good and just as true as it was before election day. None of that has changed, despite reports to the contrary. Believe it, know it, live it. We have truth and the highest regard for our fellow man on our side. There is nothing wrong in that --nothing!

The election is not yet certified!

Let me say that again: The election is not yet certified! Many states vote totals are in question due to abnormalities in the initial results. The exit polls, before being changed to reflect the election day returns, indicate a clear win for the Democrats.

Think about that... The exit poll results where changed about 1:00pm est. to reflect the returns! Why was that done? Why was it done without an explanation to go along with it? If the polls were simply wrong, can't we just know that and move on?

We have been doing exit polling for a very long time. The people who do it are good at what they do. Until the election of 2000, we decided who our next president would be based on exit poll results and projections! Why has this changed? Who made the changes and why were they done? Where is the simple explanation and why could it not stand up without suppressing the exit poll results?

These are pretty serious questions that should be of interest to everyone in America, yet we continue to see: mandate, war, mandate, war, mandate, war....

It just does not add up!

Read a little, you tell me.

(Minor edits affecting form and style, that do not affect initial content, were performed on this post 11/15/04.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the explanation:

In the exit polling NEP released at 1 p.m. ET on the day of the election, of the 5,000 voters who had been interviewed, 59 percent were women. Three hours later, of the 8,349 voters who were interviewed, 58 percent were women. In both of these statistical snapshots, Kerry was winning the election, according to NEP. The organization knew its numbers looked sketchy. It reportedly held a midday conference call with its media partners to alert them to the problem. []

Kerry did not win Ohio. To create a fake 130k vote lead would have taken massive fraud, and there were 10 thousand lawyers and the entire nation watching. There's no conspiracy, Bush actually won fair and square.

I agree though, Bush doesn't have a mandate from the people, whatever that means. Who really cares anyways, Bush clearly didn't have a mandate the first time around and he did whatever he pleased.

Democrats don't have to change their core beliefs any more than Republicans had to change them to win. The country overwhelmingly is against abortion, but the Republican stance is: we want a 'culture of life' or whatever BS.

I think all the Democrats have to do to win is field someone who is likeable and connects with the average man. And not in a workers of the world unite way, because most Americans are not the workers of the world, they are filthy bourgeois capitalists.

Don't look at the country as split by ideology, do you really think the average idiot even has an ideology? They are split by whose soundbytes sound better, who doesn't sweat too much on tv, who looks good in their photo ops, who has clear messages and positions and who they hate less.

Fix your game Democrats, we'll see you in 08, bring it on.

November 14, 2004 8:21 PM  
Blogger Doug Dingus said...

We disagree on the exit polls:

We also disagree on the election. Bush has not yet won anything. The status of the election returns is under increasing question, as I highlighted in my post. The problem is that these questions are not being reported to the general public, many of whom would be outraged if they were. That's a problem.

Until all the votes have been counted, neither side can rightfully claim victory or loss. There are between 100,000 and 400,000 ballots in Ohio that have yet to be counted. As you read this, rules are being crafted to toss the majority of them out. Why we can change the rules and toss votes and think an election is fair is a complete mystery to me. Given even cursory mainstream media coverage, I think a high percentage of people would agree.

Kerry is plenty good enough. He could easily be President and would do a better job than GW currently is. As for likeable, I am sure the massive smear ads did not help this much. I really cannot say he was not well enough liked in light of the 527 lies we saw. I'm afraid this does not wash well either.

Your points on ideology are spot on, and I agree! The only reason I put it the way I did was to contrast with the dumb reports we are getting about who needs to do what next time...

The nation is polarized, but a lot of that polarization has to do with the coverage we are getting. More informed people would mean better discussion instead of these sound bytes...

Bring our game? You bet! You do the same and best of luck.

November 14, 2004 8:58 PM  

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