Sunday, December 19, 2004

This just in: George Bush is a 'DumbFuck' --Chevy Chase

Just say no!

Wow. Sure looks the part doesn't he? Thought so.

At first I was shocked, but after a little thought I realized
Chevy has every right to say what he did. Clearly I am not alone in this. Afterall, both Bush and Cheney both have used their share of the seven dirty words. (Thanks George Carlin for enumerating them for us!) You can even get a Dick Cheney coffee cup with "Go Fuck Yourself." right there on the mug for all to see! I'll bet he secretly regrets that one, even though he says, "he felt better after having said it." -hehe at least the man was honest about it!

Bush was appointed in 2000 via the Supreme Court in one of its weaker moments. Technically, had we actually honored the will of the American People, particularly those who existed in Florida at the time, George Bush would not be running for anything this year. Well maybe a second bid at the white house, but that is doubtful at best.

Here we are in 2004 again wondering exactly why this guy gets another questionable term and we hear nothing on the subject! Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, people are taking it to the streets in a fine effort to actually have a fair election.

In the US? We worry about everything that does not actually matter (tm). Democracy? Failed war of choice? Record Deficits? Draconian attacks on our civil liberties ala Mcarthyism? According to our liberal press (cough, gasp --right!) none of this actually matters. We need to know who gets the death sentence, how democracy really works in the Ukraine, Oil for Food, and my personal favorite: It's all Clintons fault! God, they have gotten some milage out of the last two haven't they?

Chevy, you have my full and complete support. I've been putting off my own copy of Caddy Shack just a bit too long. Hope you get a cut because I am going to give one to myself this Xmas. That took a fairly substantial pair to do and I applaud you for it. Free speech indeed.

How about we just cut right to the chase (pun intended) and call out the whole damn administration as the Clusterfuck it really is and be done with it proper! Thank you, I just did and in the words of Dick Cheney: "I felt better after having said it!"

And before you comment, please know we still have free speech here in the USA. Truth is I really don't like this post either, but my point should be clear. These folks have no moral position to stand on let alone critique you and I. Know anyone of good character that would do what these two have done in public and to their own people? I don't. If we all spent a little less time judging one another and more time crafting solutions that let folks just get along the world would be a nicer place right now.

Do you think a President that actually has the support of those he is supposed to serve would be driven to strike the pose shown in this post? Not a chance! That should tell you something. If it doesn't, I'm sorry for you --really I am. Get help.

Anyway, if you happen to not agree, by all means, go and publish your own views. I welcome that far more than I do being told what my values should be by folks that have none to speak of. Send me a link and I assure you I will read what you have to say and give it my complete attention. If you actually have something constructive to say by all means use the comment link below, or e-mail. I am always interested.

The more voices we have on the issues, the closer we will be to getting our nation back on track.

...or "Go Fuck Yourself" --Dick Cheney It's all your choice really.

Our moral leaders in action! Isn't America grand?

(Minor edits to ending statements to make my position on this more clear)


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