Monday, January 03, 2005

The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Election 2004

It is possible that the election result in Ohio could change. This report, published by the Free Press, examines the top 10 problems in Ohio. Taken together they suggest that the result could change, given a proper investigation. Such an investigation appears to be growing increasingly impossible due to legal meddling by Ohio State officials. This information, while not able to prove a Kerry win, casts enough doubt to easily support an election result challenge on the 6th of January.

Will any of our Senators stand and demand a proper accounting of the will of the American People?

For our sake, I sure hope so. We need to be able to trust the President was duly elected. Given the polarized state of the nation and it's position in the world, we must demand this trust in order to move forward.

Just to be clear, I want the correct result, not my desired result. I want to know who really should be the President and will support who ever holds the office, provided they hold it based on a trustworthy election. That has not yet happened and it needs to.


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