Sunday, January 09, 2005

Google Publishes Coarse USENET Timeline

From /. of course... Here is the link to the timeline and the /. discussion.

I connected to the Internet for the first time in 1991. Man, that seems like so long ago. A little ISP called provided the dialup connection at the time. The speed was a blazing 1200Baud. The interface was a Unix shell. (Thanks for that BTW)

No WWW, no Google, not much of anything actually but e-mail, MUDS and USENET. Usenet was the shit frankly. So many different groups and conversation. I was instantly hooked.

I still USENET today, but it's noisy now. Still lots of discussion and useful information if you know where to look. Miss the old days before spamming when a troll or two were the only troubles. USENET showed me the true power of the Internet --communication. Nothing else even comes close today. The Internet made our world smaller. USENET was the first practical demonstration of that. Thanks guys, this geek appreciates it.

Here is an interesting page related to USENET personalities. I found it very entertaining and actually informative. Study the different characters then use them to catagorize people you bump into.


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