Monday, March 28, 2005

Finally out of work hell (I think.)

After a long Easter weekend, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Man, I have never done so many all nighters in such a short time-span. Glad it's all over!

As I wrote before, there is a positive side to this whole mess. Actually a couple:

For once, I got some serious radio listening time in. It was kind of nice to checkout the night time FM scene here in Portland. Late nights and early mornings actually have some interesting content. It's too bad some of these programming choices can't see the light of day. Between the odd show in the morning and interesting music sets, I'm wishing I had the disk space to do more recording.

On a more solid note, the real benefit lies in my new perspective. I have realized that I've gotten a bit spoiled over the last coupla years. Working a little over used to be such a drain. After this mess, that seems almost too easy compared to what I just dragged myself through.

Now I can get things cleaned up this week, sort of reset and start the next month fresh. Whoopee!


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