Thursday, March 03, 2005

So, what's with the goofy New Terms?

I've always been facinated with how new words form. People mix words together, such as 'blignorant', meaning: both unable to accept new ideas and lacking sufficient ones to begin with. Sometimes, a word just gets used in a different way enough times that it eventually sticks. My kids are stuck on using the word 'bleach' to describe the change in tint new colored clothes can have on white shoes. Clearly they understand the color change part of the word, but not in the right way at all. Of course I helped them to say 'tint' & 'stain' instead, but I just know, by the funny looks I got, they still say 'bleach' when around their other 'bleach' using friends. --Alas..

The two I just posted are actually typos that I found interesting enough to stake my claim. Like 'em? By all means spread them far and wide, use them where you can and have a great time doing it! Have any of your own? Post 'em here, or shoot me an e-mail and I'll look 'em over. Anything good gets my full attention.


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