Monday, April 18, 2005

Site Update and general roundup

I've had a misstep or two lately. Sometimes the writing just works and other times it doesn't. After looking things over, I've pulled a couple posts to work them over when I'm in a better space. Lots of anger and worry in my life at the moment and it seems to be coming out in my posts here from time to time. Sorry readers, everybody has their moments.

The other changes are light this time around. Mostly minor formatting and general cleanup to various posts. That's an ongoing task that will take a while longer to complete, i'm afraid. I see it this way: I can post when things are perfect and never likely post, or post when I can and cleanup later. Despite a couple of poor choices over the last couple of weeks, I think I'm going to continue posting when the mood strikes me and get the cleaning done as time permits. At least that way, things get out there for you to enjoy. As always, your feedback is important to me.

Despite what everybody might be telling you, the real killer application the Internet brings us is simple human to human communication.

I've started digging through my bookmarks for places and people I find interesting. The first batch is in the sidebar on the right, with another healthy bunch on the way soon.

That's basically it for now. I've got a couple of short political essays in the works, soon to appear here. I find writing about technology and its potential effects on society fairly easy. However, political stuff is really hard. Normally I would let this kind of thing go, but the need to express these things seems to grow daily... The plan right now is to keep the mix light on political issues and ease my way in while trying not to step on my own feet too often. We shall see how that goes.

The reality is that recent polls indicate a growing majority of us are increasingly uneasy about the current state of things today. That means we all need to be expressing our views, whatever they may be, in the hopes that greater understanding of the right solutions will result. The alternative is to simply sit back and do nothing but hope. I'm not one for doing nothing though...

In that vein, my primary political issue remains the untrustworthiness of the electronic voting machines and the highly secretive Voter News Service. Both of these do not have any direct public oversight and almost no news coverage of any kind, despite many thousands of documented problems and complaints. More on this later. For now, you can find two essays on the topic in the QuickLinks section of OpenGeek Sidebar.


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