Monday, August 15, 2005

IBOC Update

I've been pretty busy lately, so my apologies in advance for the lack of updates. Work and family are high right now.

The samples page has been updated. The nice folks at Infinity Chicago sent me samples of their secondary WUSN HD FM Radio streams in action. I received them as 320Kbps Mp3 files. Given their length, I decoded them and have posted a few wav files for comparison to the other samples collected so far. Thanks Dave & A.J. Much appreciated.

For anyone wondering how the IBOC discussion is going, I thought it worthwhile to post a link to the FCC filing page. The relevant proceeding is 99-325, enter it in the upper left search field, leave everything else blank, and bonk the document submit button to see the comments filed to date.

If you have not filed your comments on this important issue, I encourage you do go ahead and do so. You can do that here. Note it is possible to file brief comments using the provided online form. Comments made in this fashion are quick and easy to submit. If you do plan a more inclusive comment, be sure and prepare it as a PDF file and submit that.

Despite this being the reply comment period, the FCC appears to be accepting general comments at this time. Ideally, you should reply to comments already made. It is not necessary to reference specific comments, only that your comments address points already made.


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