Monday, October 03, 2005

Incoming new HD Radio and Satellite Audio Samples

I've finally got decent Satellite Radio samples from the Sirius system up on the samples page. Several different program formats are represented there for your comparison.

It looks like I'll also have the newest AM HD Radio samples from the folks at 1190 KEX, here in Portland Oregon. They have been working on improvements to their HD Audio chain and thought a new set of samples was worth posting. I agree and will have them up, ASAP.

Since we are departing the, "just get it running phase" and entering the "tweak it until it sings" phase in HD Radio, please consider sending in some updated samples over time. I'm happy to host them and any technical comments you might have. If you decide to do this, raw wave files are the best for comparison purposes. So far, the easiest way has been to just mail a CD. Feel free to contact me: and we can figure out how best to get the samples up and on the page.

Interest remains high with about 5K hits / month average. (Lots of bandwidth...) For now, it's not impacting me but it may well happen soon. Looks like I will just cross that bridge when I get there.


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