Thursday, May 18, 2006

Damn good cheezy Popcorn

Well officially moving sucks. I'm in the new house, but it's gonna be a mess for a while just yet. It's the usual, tech does not work after being moved (what kind of voodoo is that anyway?), can't find things, found new things, etc...

For some reason I ended up wanting some good popcorn. One thing lead to another and it all came together to jog my memory. Somehow the microwave popcorn ended up right next to the Kraft Mac 'n cheeze. A quick search led to the butter and all the elements were there for top-notch highly addicive cheezy popcorn. Nice. In fact, nice enough to blog here for those of you looking for a totally unhealthy but totally great geek snack.

OpenGeek Cheezy Pop Corn

1 Bag Microwave Popcorn

(You can basically use any popcorn, but I recommend the Theatre Butter flavor)

1 sacrificial box of Kraft Mac 'n Cheeze

(You want the cheeze packet)

1/2 tsp ordinary salt

1/4 cube butter

Preparing the popcorn:

Mix half the contents of the cheeze packet with the salt, set aside for the shaking process. Once you have an idea where your taste for cheeze and salt lie, prepare a larger quantity of this and store in a spare salt or pepper shaker for immediate use!

Pop your popcorn however you want to get it done. Once popped, shake in butter and cheeze / salt mix to taste. For your average bag of microwave popcorn, half a cheeze packet well shaken is more than plenty of that fine cheeze taste. Your milage may vary!

Pour into serving bowl and consume with napkins!

Beware of the cheaper Mac 'n cheeze knockoffs. Their cheeze mixes are not anywhere near the quality necessary for raw, on popcorn, consumption. Trust me, use the Kraft. Also a longer shake while evenly adding the ingredients results in a more even coating. This part of things, done too fast or with poorly melted butter, will give you lumps of butter cheeze that may or may not be as appealing as you think they might be.

By reading this post, you agree to hold OpenGeek harmless from any incidents that may arise from the consumption of the preparation detailed above. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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