Saturday, May 27, 2006

This just in: We Don't All Suck!

Got your attention huh?

I'm gonna change the focus a bit on OpenGeek.

Political issues are growing more important. Rather than bleet (ask the great YAK --Jeff Minter what a bleet is) on about that here, I've started writing at OpEd news for those issues on a more frequent basis. This will let OpenGeek continue to be diverse, and hopefully interesting, in the way it is now, while giving me a venue for other issues that is focused in the way it should be.

The core change will be more quick links to popular content here. Google analytics has shown me that a fairly large number of readers here dig through the archives only to leave frustrated. I'll work on changing that in the near future. Regular readers are also often frustrated with the lack of new content. This focus change will allow me to put more things of interest here, without having to worry about content focus clash. (Which has been a big worry as of late.)

As always, thanks for reading. Thank you to all who have sent me interesting e-mails over the years. I blog for this reason if no other! Writing and interacting on the Internet has shown me one core thing that really matters:

We don't all suck Dammit!


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