Sunday, June 04, 2006

The %$^&#$! DMCA (Death by DMCA)

This one hits home. Regular readers and fellow geeks all know what the DMCA is about and why it needs reform. For the rest of you, give this one a read and consider all the cool stuff you are missing out on. (And it's a growing pile of stuff!)

I own one of the wonderful ReplayTV products mentioned in the article. It's probably the best PVR made to date, all things considered. It works with your existing stuff, has the right features and does not get in your way. No PVR sold today does what this device does and the vast majority of owners are just trying to get the best experience possible from their (rather expensive) television programming.

The DMCA lies at the core of this and the matter comes down to this:

Should we allow content creators to also control content handling devices? Don't the creators need platforms for their content to thrive in? Haven't we gone along just fine with people having the freedom to rip, mix and share their content with others? (and you can be we have!)

As long as this law continues to evolve as it currently is, we will continue to be denied the results of innovators everywhere. That's a direct and provable harm to you and me the average consumer. (Or, should I properly say citizen!)


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