Sunday, June 04, 2006

Still think your vote matters?

Yeah, I know I just wrote about political issues being elsewhere. Let me clarify: Some political stuff will remain here. Just not the more frequent postings I've been wanting to make.

'nuff said on that.

This is an excellent piece that everyone should read. Our elections are a freaking mess. There is a part of me that is convinced this is not just a matter of circumstance. Messy elections favor those in power. Want to run this nation the way you want? Just muddy the will of the people and it's easy to say you are unopposed. Done, next.

Constructive change is needed. Almost all of us agree on that. The poor state of election affairs we are currently experiencing means we need solid numbers to exercise our check on the government, not just winning margins because the margin for error is now very high. Since the Supreme Court decided to select our president for us, a growing number of elections that matter have gone to the courts over ambigious election results.

That means pure numbers folks. Turnout is paramount if change is to come about!


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