Friday, July 06, 2007

Can somebody explain to me how granting a few of us the ability to discriminate traffic creates a free market?


This is a big regression that is gonna impact all of us in serious ways. Goddammit I hate --really just hate this administration!

Since we've had the Resident President, absolutely nothing that matters has been preserved or even improved. Guess the growing people powered politics movement has gotten some attention and needs to be neutered.

With this action, goes my broadband, you can count on it. It won't really be worth it, if I cannot engage in the communication that matters.

DO make your phone calls. It might help.

They are gonna dangle faster movie downloads, video, etc... They will grant business whatever it thinks it needs, regardless of what we actually need or want.

IMHO, what is being done here is not creating a free market, but a market where large, established interests are free to do what they want, the rest of us be dammed.

Very Orwellian --just like the rest of the shit happening right now.