Wednesday, November 24, 2004

200,000 Reward for Election Fraud Evidence!

This from PRweb....

$200,000 Reward for evidence of vote fraud in the presidential election.

Justice Through Music has posted a minimum $200,000 Reward for specific evidence of vote fraud in the recent election in light of the many instances of reported voter irregularities. (PRWEB) November 23, 2004 -- On November 6, 2004, Justice Through Music,, posted a $100,000 reward for specific evidence of vote fraud in the presidential election. On November 16, that reward was doubled to $200,000 in light of the rampant voter irregularities reported online and in the media over the past two weeks which has resulted in the recounting of votes in various states.

Specifically, the reward will be given to the person or persons who provide concrete evidence of hacking, tampering, implanting improper software codes, miscounting votes, or vote rigging in one or more states that would change the result of the election. JTM is seeking evidence from insiders, whistleblowers and others in the know who have information about vote fraud. There have been over 30,000 documented instances of voting irregularities in the election, which include improperly tested voting machines and people having access to the machines in unsecure areas.

Moreover, many examples of mistabluated election results have been documented in many states, including North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Indiana. Recounts have been initiated in several states such as New Hampshire and Ohio, and fraud audits have been started in at least six states, including Florida and New Mexico.

Clearly, concrete evidence of vote fraud would lead to positive changes in United States elections because a democratic society cannot thrive without trust, honesty and transparency in its election process.


***If I am doing something wrong with this press release, please just let me know nicely and I will address it! --Just trying to pass the word along, thanks!***


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