Saturday, November 27, 2004


Yes that cult group that gets almost no airplay here in the States. Two albums come to mind: "Worlds Apart" and "Behavior"
Worlds apart is like a movie on a disc. I have an Amazon review here that better explains that aspect. Very few artists do this these days and they should. I like this disc, particularly the last two tracks.

The Behavior album is more disjointed, but contains two very good tracks that, when played together, without interruption, form about 11 minutes of the very best music. "Goodbye" & "Once Upon a Time".

Why post this today? Well, I just found an old recording of these Behavior tracks (lost the disc) and it reminded me why much of the music being produced today seems lacking. The production values on these two albums is top-notch. You can bring your sound system right to the upper limit and enjoy music that is crafted out of pure love backed by solid technical competence. I'll have to look one of these days, but I suspect there is not one clipped peak on the entire thing.

In this day of over produced, horribly clipped recordings, I wonder if the younger generation will ever know and appreciate the sonic impact a properly produced digital recording has to offer.

This is the kind of stuff, at about 90db, that makes the hair rise on the back of your neck and your ears tingle from the sheer joy of it. The mind wanders to another place for a few minutes, only to return full of imagry and wonder.

Don't get me wrong. There is plenty of good music being produced today and I enjoy it, but very few tracks evoke the sense of wonder and achievement the two tracks I mentioned do. The obvious mastery of the sonic medium combined with interesting musical landscapes and themes blend into an always interesting piece of music.

Put simply, this is the kind of music that makes me go around the block a couple of times extra because I don't want the experience to end.

SAGA, good show guys. I'm not sure what you all think of that effort, but to me it is your very best. Always leaves me craving for more...


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