Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why you should say no to Software Patents

Just say no!

In a nutshell, they limit our ability to think with computers. This stifles innovation. Our patent system currently allows instructions and math to be patented. This means doing specific things with a computer will be owned by those that hold the patents. Others seeking to do the same thing a different way will still violate the patents.

If this trend continues, programmers around the world will be prevented from writing programs that do anything useful, unless they pay those that hold the permission to perform their tasks. Folks, this sucks. Nobody is going to be able to program anything without the permission of many patent holders around the world. Innovation will be limited to those things that do not threaten the status quo.

Want to plot your computing future on the corporate roadmap? Have an idea that will change the world? Best get ready to step up and pay for permission to voice it through the language of computing; namely, your own program.

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