Thursday, February 10, 2005

HD Radio audio samples and mp3 / ogg comparison.

---> Thanks Chris! --I appreciate it.

I am still looking for quality Satellite Radio samples of both talk and music programming. Have one? Lets talk and get it on the samples page for everyone to compare. -->

Another Edit: I'm getting a lot of hits on this page. People from all over are wondering what HD really sounds like. --Please know those Ibiquity samples linked here are terrible. Despite my negative view of Digital radio, the impression I am getting is that it is a notch above satellite. Lots of folks enjoy that, meaning content is king. Looks like another essay coming soon... there is a flip side to digital (FM at least) that might prove compelling.

Have samples of HD and Satellite radio? I would love to put those here for comparison. Drop a comment or and e-mail if you can help out here. --Thanks!

There has been some discussion about HD radio audio quality and how well the codec compares to quality mp3 and ogg encoding. Here are a couple of samples to compare codec quality with:

You can find the Ibiquity audio samples here.

This file encoded with LAME, 96Kbps, high quality.

This file encoded with Ogg Vorbis, 96Kpbs.

This is the original FM source material.

Discussion is on "Search on IBOC & HD Radio"

Edit: It appears the Ibiquity samples have been encoded twice. Once passing through the HD system and then a second time being converted to mp3. I've heard from someone that has an HD radio the quality is far better than the sample linked here. That puts the quality potential for FM HD higher than both mp3 and ogg meaning near CD quality potential for many programs. Don't judge HD Radio via the Ibiquity sample quality.

Still no quality wav file samples on the net for HD radio. --Anyone want to send me one? UPDATE: I have received some good quality HD Radio samples. --Thanks Eric!

03/10/05 -- Cleanup and final updates to this page. Original material in black, updates in red, final info in green.


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