Thursday, February 03, 2005

Time, space and childhood --Your life is as long as you think it is!

Was talking with my oldest daughter this morning. She had a bit of interesting conversation with her boyfriend about the big 20. (I only wish!) Anyway, she posed the idea that somebody at the age of 20 was, in fact, one quarter dead. After their little morning conversation ended, one thing lead to another and we got on the topic of time and perception.

How long is your life really? Does it seem long or short? This really is a matter of perception. Remember those endless days as a young person? I do. One day seemed to last forever. As an adult, too many days seem short. I've probably written about this before, but thought the whole "your life is as long as you think it is" bit was worthy of another post.

I used to think it was mostly over at 30. Time begins to pass faster and life gets busy and routine. Getting closer to 40, I realize this may not be true. We go through spurts. Some busy, some not, some slow, some fast. I happen to be entering another slower phase. Not sure what actually triggers that yet, but I am looking now because I have begun to finally realize my perception matters. In that vein, I might as well work to find the best lens to look through...

Here is the takeaway:

Your life is as long as you think it is. Having considered this, I propose an attitude that can significantly change your perception of the whole thing:

When slow times come, cherish them. Instead of tapping your foot in boredom, relax knowing you are actually gaining! Kick back and know the breaks are on. You will actually be 'here' with the rest of us for 'longer'. Interesting isn't it?

While the physical amount of time we all have does not really change, our feeling about it can and that is worth, again what you think it is.

(I know kind of goofy, but hey I'm a geek. I get to say this kind of stuff!)


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