Friday, December 09, 2005

Riding the bus in Portland Oregon?

Then you really should give Google Transit a try. While Microsoft is working hard at playing 'look at me!', Google continues to churn out a steady stream of useful web services. Needless to say, I remain sold on Google for the time being.

Be sure and format your to and from route query properly. I found this example worked well.

12345 ne somestreet, portland oregon 12345 to 5432 sw someotherstreet, portland oregon 99887

They give an interesting cost to drive -vs- cost to transit comparison that I'm not totally sure I buy. For example, my drive to work takes about 20 minutes and uses about $1.50 in gas, but they said the trip actually costs about $4.00! Perhaps they are factoring in car wear, insurance averages, etc... Anyway, the transit time was fairly accurate, including the segments where you need to walk!


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